Specializing in Mother of the Bride or Groom

Weddings are a time when we all come together, family and friends a time to celebrate love and even reminisce a little. It gives us a reason to go shopping again and again until we find the perfect dress. Something special that makes us not only look but feel beautiful. The pressure to find that dress is sometimes overwhelming, but it shouldn't be. Here are just a few tips that should help and guide you:

Think about it, for everything else we would go and see a Specialist. Houses we see Real Estate agents if we are sick a Doctor. So now we see someone who dresses and advises women on dresses every day. Either a Stylist or someone working in a bridal shop. Local boutiques tend to have more specialty dresses and have the time to guide and dress you.

BRIDE TALK. The first thing to do is talk with the bride, casually when you see each other. What color scheme? Is there anything, in particular, she wants you to stay away from? It is a great way to start this fun and exciting time in your family's lives. Down the road and as the wedding plans come together you will need to know just a few more details before you go shopping.

WHAT COLORS? If you're the Mother of the Bride it is easier, You just need to make sure your Color Blends with the Bridesmaids and of course that the bride approves of your style. The Mother of The Groom officially should wait until the mother of the bride chooses her color. To make it even easier know what color the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing. Now you are ready to head out and concentrate on YOUR dress.